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          Are you working hard, but can't figure out why you can't get ahead? Do you feel like you will have to work forever or don't know what can be done to turn things around?

         Like many people growing up, I had no formal or informal financial training. As a result of this, I generally didn’t know what to do with my money. When I became an adult, I knew that I didn’t want to have debt, yet I still followed the status quo and made the same classic money mistakes as those around me. I ‘bought’ a new car less than a month into a new job. I ‘bought’ a new house a year later. Note: I didn’t truly buy these things, but instead, I borrowed to get these things. I lived that way for a long time. I made just about all of the money mistakes one can make: had student loans, borrowed for a new car, took on a mortgage on my home with a minimum down payment and later took on a second mortgage, then leased a car, etc.

          At a low point in my life, I was left financially with nothing but a pile of debt, a car payment, and a small amount in my 401k. Several years later, a friend from work mentioned Dave Ramsey and I started to look into his message regarding financial peace. Soon after, my now wife bought me Dave’s book The Total Money Makeover and I read it on our Honeymoon (yes, I did!). Together, we worked through Dave’s 7 Baby Steps to financial freedom and we are now fully debt-free. As Dave says, we are able to “live and give like no one else.”


          Realizing this process really works, I started sharing it with just about everybody I came into contact with. I have led a number of Dave Ramsey’s courses and I’ve found that one of my life’s passions is helping others who are struggling with money. This includes putting together a plan, then walking that plan together. If you are interested in changing your family’s future, please reach out to me and we can start the journey together. Financial freedom is within reach!

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